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Global Game Jam Ukraine 2023 Games Showcase

We are proud to present Games made at Global Game Jam Ukraine 2023 to our friends from the worldwide gamedev community. We keep working to help our game jammers build relationships with publishers, game development companies, press, streamers, conferences.

Please feel free to reach out to the creators of the games you liked using the information on their game page, or via our Telegram community Also you are welcome to contact Global Game Jam Regional Coordinator for Ukraine, Oleksii Izvalov:

We asked our panel of judges to rate the games according to 4 parameters: Theme interpretation (this year theme was ROOTS, Visual style, Commercial potential, Fun. Also there were additional nominations to highlight some special and unique features of the games.

Games made at Global Game Jam 2023 by the Ukrainian developers

Roots of Betrayal

Jam results: Commercial offer by CoolMathGames, Fun #1, Potential #1, Artstyle #3, Theme #3
Game page

Roots of Betrayal is an unusual tower defense game where you protect The Big Tree from lumberjacks. Use the roots of the tree to create buildings and defend the forest. You are the last forest spirit and it's up to you to save the forest.

Blame The Beavers

Jam results: Fun #8, Potential #12, Artstyle #1, Theme #6
Game page

Blame The Beavers is a game where you play as a forester who is being attacked by beavers. They have developed a flying ship and are using roots as ammunition to take revenge on humans.


Jam results: Commercial offer by CoolMathGames, Game which will keep the judges playing - Nominee (sponsored by GameLoft), Fun #10, Artstyle #2, Theme #5
Game page

Roots is a game where you find the fox family by making choices on cards. Some choices lead to finding a family member, some just tell the story, and others can lead to a game over.

Awakening the power of the roots

Jam results: Slava Ukraini #1 (sponsored by Zagrava), Fun #5, Potential #6, Artstyle #12, Theme #13
Game page

Awakening the power of the roots is a story-based game where you play as a wounded soldier who gains strength from stories of heroic struggle during the time of the Ukrainian People's Republic, developed by students of a Ukrainian game development school.

Mutato Potato

Jam results: Commercial offer by CoolMathGames, Fun #13, Potential #4, Artstyle #13, Theme #9
Game page

Mutato Potato is a game where you protect your potato plant from insects that want to eat its leaves. Fight off the insects to keep your plant healthy.

Wisp Hook

Jam results: Slava Ukraini #2 (sponsored by Zagrava), Most hardcore game, Fun #4, Potential #9, Artstyle #11, Theme #20
Game page

Wisp Hook is a challenging game where you play as a forest wisp using roots to hook on monoliths on the ceiling, avoiding obstacles and traps to defeat the Root of Evil and save the wisps forest.

Scavenging roots

Jam results: Slava Ukraini #3 (sponsored by Zagrava), Fun #7, Potential #11, Artstyle #15, Theme #10
Game page

Scavenging Roots is a game set in the future where you must scavenge for resources on a spaceship. Nature may bring its own order, so beware of what might go wrong.

Smart Ways To Root

Jam results: Fun #12, Artstyle #16, Theme #7
Game page

Smart Ways To Root is a game with almost 20 mini-games where you attempt to gain access to the root of users' phones. Enjoy the new fun, but be safe in internet cafes with free Wi-Fi.

Grow Down

Jam results: Game which will keep the judges playing - Nominee (sponsored by GameLoft), Fun #14, Potential #17, Artstyle #23, Theme #1
Game page

Grow Down is a game where you play as a plant and your goal is to grow deeper into the ground to find water and nourishment. Beware of traps and dangerous items. Remember that growing takes time, so move towards your goal at a relaxed pace.

Gnome vs Roots

Jam results: Commercial offer by CoolMathGames, Fun #16, Potential #15, Artstyle #14, Theme #11
Game page

Gnome vs Roots is a single-player adventure game where you play as a gnome fighting evil magical roots with various tools in order to clear your home.

Harvest Hoppers

Jam results: Warmest visuals, Fun #20, Potential #16, Artstyle #8, Theme #16
Game page

Harvest Hoppers is a casual two-player game where you play as cute pets helping your owners manage a garden in a traditional Ukrainian environment.

Radix Parasite

Jam results: Best presentation, Fun #9, Potential #10, Artstyle #10
Game page

In Radix Parasite, play as a special kind of parasite called Radix, living in a post-apocalyptic future. You must collect biological material to keep the Tree and its species alive. But, be careful in the outside world, it's a harsh place. The game is a story-based 2D platformer with survival elements.

Mad Axe

Jam results: Fun #17, Potential #23, Artstyle #7, Theme #14
Game page

Mad Axe is a casual rhythm-based game where you jump on play tiles, avoid roots, and pick up axes to deal damage to a big boss-tree.


Jam results: Fun #2, Potential #3, Artstyle #6, Theme #24
Game page

In Teefsnatcha, players control an ambitious Ork who must collect bigger teeth to climb the social ladder in Orkish society. However, collecting those teeth is not an easy task as it requires taking on dangerous challenges and fighting against other Orks.


Jam results: Unexpected ending, Fun #11, Potential #22, Artstyle #17, Theme #21
Game page

ThirstyPlant is a quirky game where you play as a bottle trying to escape a kitchen by watering a plant and climbing to the window. The gameplay may be rough around the edges, but the developers had fun making it and hope you'll enjoy playing it too.

Dreams of Revival: The Adventure of the Brave Rabbit

Jam results: Fun #3, Potential #13
Game page

Join Rabbit on an epic quest to save the Tree of Life in "Dreams of Revival: The Adventure of the Brave Rabbit," a 2D tabletop game with exciting levels and dynamic graphics.

The minstrel Folquet from Marseille

Jam results: Fun #15, Artstyle #4
Game page

Join the minstrel Folquet on his adventures in "The Minstrel Folquet from Marseille," a visual novel with an engaging storyline.


Jam results: Fun #23, Theme #4
Game page

R.O.O.T.S. is a minimalistic puzzle game about root germination.

The Crootures

Jam results: Fun #6, Potential #8, Artstyle #19
Game page

In "The Crootures," you are in charge of a zoo and must take care of adorable Crootures to unlock new species. Use drag and drop to move the Crootures and help them mate and interact with their environment. Make sure to feed them and check the tree of species to discover new Crooters.

Wild Roots

Jam results: Fun #24, Potential #2, Artstyle #9
Game page

Wild Roots is a third-person hero shooter game with multiplayer online battle arena gameplay. Strategize your moves and use weapons like root mines and cone grenades to knock your opponents out of the arena.

Tales of Motanka

Jam results: Fun #21, Potential #7
Game page

Uncover the rich heritage of a nation in "Tales of Motanka," a real-time strategy game where you shape the creation of settlements and participate in battles and sieges using traditional Motanka dolls.

Roots of Evil

Jam results: Potential #20, Artstyle #18, Theme #17
Game page

Roots of Evil is a mystery/horror game set in the swampy woods of Ukraine, where you must survive the grasp of dark Ukrainian roots.

Tree Guard

Jam results: Artstyle #5, Theme #22
Game page

Join the main character in Tree Guard, a 2D linear platformer with a short storyline. As a resident of a small tree town, he must risk his life to save the trees from an unknown illness. Will he be successful and what challenges will he face along the way?


Jam results: Potential #14
Game page

In "RootsFarm," become a root vegetable farmer on a deserted island and sell the results of your labor to save up for your dream vacation.


Jam results: Game which will keep the judges playing - Winner! (sponsored by GameLoft), Potential #21
Game page

Get ready to play as mushrooms in Mushroots! Build, evolve, attack, and even explode to protect your mycelium and grow as much as possible. Use different abilities and control the camera to look around and resize the map.

To The Roots

Jam results: Fun #19, Potential #19
Game page

In "To The Roots," guide a young hero as he journeys to the depths of his ancestry to uncover the root of a problem and explore his origins.

In Ukrainian Soil

Game page

Honor the memory of those lost to Russian invaders in In Ukrainian Soil. As an innocent soul trapped in the ruins of a home shattered by a rocket, transform into a seed and grow into a flower with roots reaching out to help other trapped bodies find their way to heaven. Technical game features include procedural mesh generation, endless 3D environment, and GPU simulation of boids behavior.

Into The Roots

Jam results: Theme #18
Game page

Into The Roots is a small puzzle game where you help a small tree take root and become a huge tree by stacking roots on a grid and completing lines to clear them.


Jam results: Out of the Box game which can be put in the box, Fun #18, Theme #19
Game page

HexaRoot is a dynamic board game for 2-4 players with a flexible map and speedy roots, where you aim to take your opponent's root crystal before they take yours.


Jam results: Best music, Fun #22, Potential #25, Artstyle #20
Game page

In "LifeRoot.bat," you'll embark on a quest to discover the meaning of life by searching for answers in the universal tree of life. Using the terminal, explore this tree-like computer system that stores all the information to find the answer to life's ultimate question.

Earth Roots

Game page

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Earth Roots, a 1-person game that takes you on a journey to uncover your family's secrets. With an exciting storyline, open area, and many mysteries waiting to be solved, explore the game's many locations and playable characters to uncover all the possibilities.

Save the Root

Jam results: Theme #12
Game page

Save the Root is a puzzle game where you must use a magnet and fire to save as many roots as possible from withering rocks and omnivore moles.

Wizardry Imp

Jam results: Potential #24, Artstyle #22
Game page

In "Wizardry Imp", you must defend your dungeon as a powerful Wizardry Imp.


Jam results: Theme #8
Game page

UnderTree is a simple game where you manage and build a tree root system.

Square root of the Univese

Jam results: Best jammers amont the streamers and best streamers amongthe jammers, Artstyle #25
Game page

The Square root of the Universe is an imaginative game inspired by Albert Einstein's quote, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Explore a world beyond knowledge and understanding where anything is possible.

Death Roots

Game page

Find out the reason behind the death of the tree of life by exploring the cave in "Death Roots," a game with a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere.


Game page

In "Idol" players must defend their homeland from invading enemies by performing rituals for the gods using elder idols. Destroying enemies and protecting the homeland will bring peace to the people.

Deep Roots

Jam results: Theme #2
Game page

Deep Roots is a game where you start as a small seed and grow into a big tree. Control your growth by switching between roots and plant mode with the "E" key. Be mindful of rocks that will slow you down and waste your energy.

Ent Madness

Game page

Fight off waves of spiders and bugs and defend Ent in "Ent Madness," a tower defense game with resource extraction and Ent's ability to release roots to delay enemies.


Jam results: Most creative game development diary
Game page

Destroy the roots of an evil tree to prevent it from destroying humanity in "Gardeners," a combat game with challenging monster-filled forests and a high-stakes mission.

Tesseract Depths

Jam results: Fun #25, Potential #18, Artstyle #21
Game page

Tesseract Depths is a 3D puzzle-solving game that takes inspiration from popular games such as Superliminal, Portal, The Stanley Parable, and Antichamber, featuring a first-person perspective.

Root my treasure!

Jam results: Potential #5
Game page

Root my treasure! is a pirate-themed arcade game that challenges players to recognize and match symbols to uncover hidden treasures.


Game page

Destroy the earth as an alien monster in ROOTS. The game challenges you to wreak havoc and cause destruction while surviving against humans trying to stop you.


Game page

Fight your enemies and choose your path in "ROOTS," a game that explores the psychology of family relationships and understanding that your system is not always on the bright side.

Cossack Souls

Game page

Cossack Souls is a game where you play as a Ukrainian Cossack warrior, defending your land and discovering your roots while battling enemies. You can recruit historical figures to your squad for bonuses as you fight for freedom and independence.


Game page

In "R2T5", you play as a scientist searching for a cure for a virus that infects the brain from the outer layers to the base along nerve endings. The game involves using the arkanoid game mechanic to clear the infected parts of the brain and allow signals to flow. Use the left and right keyboard buttons to change patients, press enter to begin, and escape to interrupt the current level.


Jam results: Most creative game walkthrough
Game page

RootOfWin is a captivating puzzle game where players must solve challenging puzzles to uncover the password hidden in the root folder and complete all levels.

The Tree of Wisdom

Jam results: Theme #25
Game page

Learn about influential figures in Ukrainian history with The Tree of Wisdom. As you level up your tree/root, you'll discover facts about famous people that have contributed to modern Ukrainian society.

Face the darkness

Game page

Face the Darkness is a game where you control a bird flying through time and space, collecting light particles to defeat the Cloud of Darkness that represents the negative aspects of Ukrainian history. Each level represents a period of Ukrainian history, and only by collecting all the light particles can you destroy the Darkness and complete the game.


Jam results: Artstyle #24
Game page

In "Lorium", you play as Vine, a tree-like anthropomorphic creature who must defend Matrio and the entire planet from the invading insect-like ZzhzhrAurr race. Lorium's ecosystem relies on the protection of Matrio, the planet's protector, and the symbiotic relationship between plants, animals, and the Denromus race.


Game page

Alternatives is a game where players are given a dangerous job to complete, with safety being the top priority. Follow the safety rules to complete the task and stay alive.

Dangerous Descend

Game page

Dangerous Descend is a classic dungeon crawler game with a dynamic environment, where players control a young dwarf searching for her lost brother in mysterious glowing caverns filled with enemies. Fight your way through the packs of foes and uncover the secrets hidden in the depths of the mountain.

Kyїv: the Voice from the Past

Game page

Kyiv: the Voice from the Past is a slasher platformer game with a unique setting that combines the ancient history of Ukraine with cyberpunk elements. Play as a hero who seeks revenge for his father's death, and wield the power of his family sword containing the spirits of his ancestors. The game offers high dynamic gameplay and stunning visuals.

Search for water

Game page

Help a cactus reach the underground water by growing new roots in "Search for Water," a desert-themed game with simple gameplay mechanics in a zen mode.


Jam results: Theme #23
Game page

SquareRoot is an educational game that challenges students to solve mathematical roots. Test your skills by calculating the value of the root and choosing the correct answer.

The little prince

Game page

Clean the planet from the roots of baobabs before they take over in "The Little Prince," a simple yet addictive game with increasing difficulty.


Game page

HomeDefense is a game about defending your home from enemy missile attacks that threaten to destroy everything you hold dear. Use your strategic skills and quick reflexes to protect your roots and preserve your memories.


Game page

Baobab is a game where you play as a boy trying to save the planet from destructive baobab roots. Your goal is to protect the planet for a certain time by using the arrow keys to control the boy and the space key to interact with the environment.

King Arthur: Origins

Game page

In "King Arthur: Origins," you will embark on a journey through time and space to uncover the origins of evil. Meet historical figures and characters with unique personalities and intentions while navigating a story that unfolds with each decision. Play as a king, coder, soldier, cybergirl, or medieval knight, and watch as your choices affect the outcome of the game.


Game page

In the game "t00r," the hero and enemies exist in a virtual world inside a CPU, where the player must navigate through hackers, viruses, and computer security measures. The game features a fast-paced movement style to reflect the digital nature of the characters.

Roots Of Time

Game page

Roots Of Time: Embark on a journey through history, shape the outcome of events through your choices, and discover the hidden stories buried within the roots of the World Tree in this story-telling game.

Cats in roots

Game page

In "Cats in Roots," your goal is to locate the missing family of cats by searching through a series of challenging levels. Explore the roots and overcome obstacles to reunite the cats and earn rewards.

Brain in box

Game page

In "Brain in Box," a Ukrainian guy who lives in a strange new country where everyone is obsessed with watching TV and being brainwashed by propaganda shows tries to distract his neighbors from the mind-numbing programming.

Root tactics, literally

Jam results: Theme #15
Game page

Root tactics, literally is a strategy game where you simulate a plant's roots and must make decisions on what roots to turn into organs and what tech to develop in order to survive.

Running Out Of Time

Game page

Running Out Of Time is a game that simulates a day in the life of a programmer, giving players a taste of what this profession entails. Experience the challenges and rewards of being a programmer as you work against the clock to complete tasks and meet deadlines.


Game page

In "Vidroid," players take on the role of a hacker and work to hack the Vidroid phone operating system by solving logical problems that increase in difficulty.


Game page

ExpGame is a simulation game where players are tasked with managing a farm and ensuring successful crop growth. Players will need to make strategic decisions and solve problems to overcome challenges such as pests, weather conditions and more, in order to maximize their yield and profitability.

RobieBot and a Farmer

Game page

RobieBot and a Farmer is an early prototype game that takes inspiration from "Zombie catchers". However, it offers a unique perspective on the gameplay.

Apples Game

Game page

Apples Game is a game about growing apples and planting trees. Players must cultivate their orchard by planting seeds, watering their crops, and harvesting their fruit to make delicious apples.

NoName Dungeon

Game page

In "NoName Dungeon," players must explore a perilous dungeon filled with secrets and dangers, ultimately confronting the main boss, The Trent Protector. With puzzles to solve, items to collect, and builds to create, the game promises a challenging and rewarding experience despite the inevitable deaths along the way.


Game page

In "Roots on the Lawn," help the leprechaun gather roots that appear on the meadow by controlling him with the arrow keys on your keyboard. Keep an eye out for new roots as they appear!

Space Surway

Game page

In "Space Surway," a team of astronauts lands on a planet to search for life and gather resources, but a malfunction leaves them stranded with only a one-way ticket. They discover a unique flora made of valuable metals, but must gather the roots carefully to avoid being stranded on the alien planet forever.

Monsters kill

Game page

Monsters Kill is an action-packed game that takes place in a spooky forest where the protagonist is stranded without fuel. He must fend off terrifying monsters, scavenge for gasoline, and gather ammunition and health packs to survive the ordeal.

Son of Ragnarok(Син Рагнарока)

Game page

In "Son of Ragnarok", a game based on Old Norse mythology, you must solve puzzles and complete quests to collect resources and save the roots of the World Tree. Your goal is to find eight runes to restore the roots and prevent the apocalypse that Odin has created. Along the way, you will encounter dangerous monsters and must defend the god Odin.


Game page

In "Thoughts", play as Nicolas, an 18-year-old orphan with a unique and challenging ability to read people's thoughts. As he learns to control his power, help him uncover the truth hidden within him. Explore the mysteries of this supernatural gift and guide Nicolas towards inner peace.


Game page

Roots is a game that was created quickly, with some bugs that were later left in the game. Despite this, the game promises an interesting experience, and players will have to try their luck.

Dynasty of Sword and Ax

Game page

In "Dynasty of Sword and Ax", set in 1054, the protagonist Olav, born into a Viking family in Denmark, sets out on a quest to discover his family history, uncovering a mix of Viking and English heritage. As he learns about his family ring and his father's sword, he discovers the renowned status of his ancestors.

Who tells out story

Game page

Who tells our story is a game that follows a courageous protagonist facing difficult circumstances. It is available for download as a zip file.

Withering Roots

Game page

In Withering Roots, the main hero embarks on a journey to regain his lost memories and uncover the secrets of his past, after witnessing an air attack on his home in Ukraine. Along the way, he encounters Slavic gods, wizards and spirits of great warriors, learning magic and unique abilities to restore his damaged neurons. The game offers multiple endings and player choices shape the plot and determine the outcome of the story.

Alien invasion

Game page

In "Alien Invasion," your goal is to strategically defeat your enemies through destruction.

Mysterious island

Game page

Mysterious Island is a survival adventure game where players take on the role of Oleg, who, after a shipwreck, must navigate a dangerous island full of wild animals and cannibals to save his friends. With a creature known as Megodon lurking in the shadows, players must gather resources, build shelter, and outsmart their enemies to make it off the island alive.

Colony of ants

Game page

Colony of Ants is a simulation game where players manage and grow a colony of ants that reside on a root.

Ancestors whisper

Game page

Ancestors Whisper is a narrative platformer that follows a resurrected Cossack fighting against dark forces that have taken over his homeland and turned his people into zombies.

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