Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Global Game Jam Ukraine 2024 Games Showcase

Global Game Jam is the world's biggest game creation event. Around 30-40 thousands game developers from 800 cities and over 100 countries participate in it every year.

Ukraine joined Global Game Jam in 2016. Jam locations were organized in 15 Ukrainian cities, and around 2500 game developers created their games within the last nine years.

Global Game Jam 2024 was the second wartime game jam for Ukraine. Our main concern in organizing the jams locations was safety, as the Russian terroristic strikes take place every day, and their aims are often the residential areas and civil infrastructure. So we hade sure that every location has an access to the bomb shelter, and the locations' coordinates were hidden from the map on globalgamejam.org

Despite of experiencing difficulties and dangers, we were determined to organize the international game creation event in Ukraine, to strengthen our connections with our worldwide friends and colleagues, and to show that terrorists can't frighten Ukrainians. 

When we shared our experience of organizing Global Game Jam 2023 at the conference, attendees from Great Britain recalled the term "Blitz Spirit". It describes the determinacy of the British to continue their everyday activities despite the Nazi bomb strikes in 1940. Indeed, this term describes the Ukrainian spirit well.

So, we are proud to present Games made at Global Game Jam Ukraine 2024 to our friends from the worldwide gamedev community, to media, press, investors and publishers. 

The games in the list are arranged according to their ratings from the judging panel. Judges from such companies as GameLoft, CoolMathGames, Voki Games, Devcom, Games Gathering, Pocket Gamer Connects, GTP Media, VP Production and others, rated the games according to 4 criteria. They are: Theme interpretation (this year theme was "Make me Laugh", Visual style, Commercial potential, Fun.

Please, feel free to play them, share information about the games made in Ukraine, contact the developers with cooperation proposals and contact the Global Game Jam Regional Coordinator for Ukraine, Oleksii Izvalov: alexey@globalgamejam.org

And one final remark. By no means we want to create an impression that as we create games, everything is normal. No. Everything is not normal. Every day several air raid alerts happen, every day we learn of new terroristic strikes and destructions. We can participate in the international activities, work, stay in our homes, only thanks to the protection of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, and to the support they receive from us and our friends from the whole world.

Please, keep supporting Ukraine. There are several initiatives we'd like to share. Some of them are organized by game developers, who on the first day of the full-scale invasion took their cars and started delivering supplies to the frontlines. Others are centralized programs which cover wide areas.
Thank you! You help is appreciated and it can really save lives.

Games made at Global Game Jam 2023 by the Ukrainian developers

Shop Pranker

Jam results: Theme #2, Artstyle #1, Potential #1, Fun #8, People's Choice #9
Game page

Have you always thought about it but never dared? The time has come! Collect such a combination of goods to make the cashier laugh, use imagination and forbidden techniques to make the cashier laugh!

My Darling Washing Machine

Jam results: Theme #3, Artstyle #6, Potential #4, Fun #1
Game page

Comic-tragic story about a lone bachelor and his confusing relationship with the washing machine. The protagonist is forced to go through the difficult way of redemption and restore the warm feelings of indispensable home appliances. My Darling Washi...

Make Them Laugh!

Jam results: Theme #1, Artstyle #7, Potential #6, Fun #2
Game page

In this game, you will play as a person participating in a contest where the goal is to make comedians laugh. Earn money for your funny jokes and upgrade your equipment to deliver even better laughs!

Cucumber Hero

Jam results: Theme #8, Artstyle #2, Potential #8, Fun #5, People's Choice #3
Game page Itch page

Game about hero with legendary cucumber weapon and time travel adventure.

Don't Make Me Laugh

Jam results: Theme #5, Artstyle #4, Potential #9, Fun #7, People's Choice #6
Game page Itch page

You wake up in hospital and the doctor warns you: "If you laugh one more time, you will explode!" In this game, your task is to complete the level without letting your character laugh. Believe me, it's not that easy...

Dark Age Metal

Jam results: Theme #15, Artstyle #3, Potential #5, Fun #4, People's Choice #8
Game page Itch page

Immerse yourself in a medieval world with "Dark Age Metal" a unique game where players step into the shoes of wandering minstrels tasked with playing enchanting tunes. As you serenade the crowd, navigate the challenge of collecting coins while dodgin...

Don't drop the child

Jam results: Theme #9, Artstyle #17, Potential #3, Fun #10, People's Choice #14
Game page Itch page

You are managing the trampoline, helping kids have fun, and don't let them fall off the trampoline! Every buddy has preferences; someone likes to bounce into another kid, someone likes just jumping, and almost no one likes to fall off of the trampoli...


Jam results: Theme #7, Artstyle #12, Potential #7, Fun #11, People's Choice #2
Game page Itch page

The Sad King requested the jesting cat to amuse him. Perform tricks, gather pies, make the king laugh. But be cautious, beware of angry dogs if the king is not pleased.

Eclipsed Joy

Jam results: Theme #11, Artstyle #11, Potential #10, Fun #9, People's Choice #4
Game page

In this game, you need to make sad people laugh, from whose positive emotions everything around blossoms, the world becomes colorful and carefree.

Witchery & Mockery

Jam results: Game which will keep the judges playing - Nominee (sponsored by GameLoft), Artstyle #5, Potential #2, Fun #3
Game page

Welcome to the witch's house, where the ability to solve riddles is the key to survival! The player finds himself in a magical witch's house, where each room is a separate stage and task. The main mechanic is to rotate the house by changing the gravi...

Cat Comedy

Jam results: Theme #12, Artstyle #21, Potential #11, Fun #6, People's Choice #10
Game page Itch page

Game with 4 different minigames that are driving anecdote story. A short varied story of one small, black, very clumsy cat, under random circumstances set out to become a hero of this world by saving the planet from impending disaster. On his way the...

To HEHE or not to HEHE

Jam results: Theme #13, Artstyle #8, Potential #13, Fun #13, People's Choice #17
Game page Itch page

Clown Carnival Clash where jesters armed with pie-throwing umbrellas battle for the title of the most entertaining clown at a medieval festival, aiming to win the king's favor

Quest For Jest

Jam results: Theme #4, Artstyle #15, Potential #22, Fun #12, People's Choice #13
Game page Itch page

Take a trip back in time and experience the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, where you play the role of a jester to make people laugh with your jokes. The main goal of the game is to choose the right joke in every situation. Your talent will determine ...

Laugh, Death & Robots

Jam results: Theme #14, Artstyle #13, Potential #14, Fun #14, People's Choice #12
Game page Itch page

"Laugh. Death. Robots." - is an exciting game where you control a robot comedian in a stand-up club. Your goal is to entertain the audience with sharp jokes. However, your robot breaks down from time to time, and you have to solve mini-puzzles to res...

Make Me Bean

Jam results: Artstyle #14, Potential #12, Fun #20, People's Choice #7
Game page

The farmers of a certain bean farm have eaten too much psychedelic beans and are now imagining all sorts of things. For example, that the cops came to their farm to conduct an inspection. Turn into props, hide and try not to laugh, otherwise the cops...

Royal Comedy

Jam results: Theme #10, Artstyle #16, People's Choice #24
Game page Itch page

Joy and fun reigned in the glorious kingdom. The king was amused every day by the jokes of his beloved jester. But suddenly misfortune happened - the poor joker slipped on a banana peel and died. The courtiers were amazed, and the king plunged into g...

Mr. Riffle Joke

Jam results: Theme #6, Fun #21, People's Choice #16
Game page Itch page

The game is about a comedian who forgets the genre of his jokes, so he doesn’t know when to draw them in time for the player to help him.

Office from Hell

Jam results: Theme #18, Potential #16, Fun #24
Game page Itch page

Have you ever hated your boss? In this game you can mock him, for example by throwing salty coffee :) Set all the traps in the allotted time and collect all the stars


Jam results: Theme #17, Artstyle #20, Fun #17, People's Choice #5
Game page Itch page

A mime is supposed to come to the school to entertain the children and create a small show for the first graders. But the mime is late and asks his friend, a physics teacher, to replace him for a short time. The physicist agrees to be in makeup, even...

Make me angry

Jam results: Theme #16, Potential #15, Fun #16
Game page Itch page

"Make me Angry is an exciting arcade game where your task is to use a variety of strategies and tools to make your neighbor as angry as possible. The player is given a limited time to complete this task.

Little Souls

Jam results: Artstyle #9, Potential #19, Fun #18
Game page Itch page

Embark on a journey of brave heroes encased in puppet bodies in the casual comedy demo game Little Souls.

Anilaugh Studio

Jam results: Theme #20, Artstyle #22, Potential #23
Game page Itch page

Run your own business! Control the budget and create a happy moments for kids. Game for kids to make kids laugh!

Please! Make me Laugh!

Jam results: Theme #22, Artstyle #25, Potential #24, Fun #19, People's Choice #23
Game page Itch page

A visual novel game where you have to make a depressed girl laugh. Try to make her life better and more fun. Better do it, otherwise she will do something to herself... Choose the best and funniest joke in your opinion. Increase your happiness level ...

Laugh 'em Up

Jam results: Theme #25, Artstyle #19, Fun #25, People's Choice #15
Game page Itch page

Ruin has come to our circus. The Ringmaster has gone mad...darkness swallowed the once joyful place... But the hope is not lost. A lonely hero embarks on a quest to bring back smiles and laughter! And this hero's name is...Sully the Plump Clown.

Make me happy

Jam results: Artstyle #18, Potential #18, Fun #15
Game page Itch page

You are a spirit located in the world where people (and others) go when they sleep. But some people fall asleep for too long...they end up in a coma. Your goal is to fulfill all their wishes and let them wake up. When the happiness scale is completel...

Wacky Swipe

Jam results: Theme #23
Game page Itch page

In "Wacky Swipe", play as a sly performer who must entertain an audience while secretly engaging in whimsical heists. Each act is a blend of humor and stealth, as you make the crowd laugh to distract them from your real motive: swiping unique treasur...

Party Panic!

Jam results: Theme #19, Fun #22, People's Choice #22
Game page Itch page

No one will hear your happy screams in space. The same seems to be true for the main character of this "anti-horror" game because there is no one on the ship to celebrate his birthday. Or is that so..? Navigate through the long empty halls of the spa...

Crazy Fox

Jam results: Artstyle #10, Potential #21
Game page

This is a story about Fox Ginger, who wants to have some fun and likes to do dirty tricks. It's a world of adventures, the life of the village, quests and linear events. Let's go with us to the funny world!

Exit Exist?

Jam results: Artstyle #23, Fun #23
Game page

The Chastiser, trapped in hell, is trying to escape. He is helped by Kitsune, who has fallen into the demonic world. To escape, he must pass through the gates of hell, guarded by Cerberus. He can't be kill, but you can stun him for a while and then r...

Comic Run

Jam results: People's Choice #18
Game page

Laughter is not always achieved peacefully, sometimes it can be forced. Try on the role of a madman who decides to increase the amount of laughter in the world, even if it means breaking the law.

Merry Dancing Chain

Game page Itch page

Take all the people into the dancing chain. They will join the end of your chain. The main character follows the mouse

Ha-Ha Show

Jam results: Potential #17
Game page

Haha show is a game where you have to compete with another player, standing on colors and surviving as long as possible. Your main task is to bring as much laughter as possible to the audience! The more interesting the show, the more new viewers will...

Cheer Me Up, Smiley!

Jam results: Theme #21, People's Choice #19
Game page Itch page

Play in Fullscreen Mode! A team of Ukrainian developers created this game. During 1 week of development, we had 35 air raid attacks by russiaIsATerroristState. We had to take shelter for 1 day and 20 hours total. 💛💙StandWithUkraine 💙💛 To win a ...

Funny Jokers

Jam results: Theme #24, People's Choice #25
Game page Itch page

The main character, named Veselun, came from another planet to save the world from sadness. To achieve this, he brought with him a secret weapon that has two modes: happy and sad. But on the way, he met evil funny jokers who interfered with his plans...

Knock Knock

Jam results: People's Choice #11
Game page Itch page

Knock Knock is a game based on short, minimalist American jokes from the 90s that start with the phrase "Knock Knock" and are characterized by funny interactions and unexpected twists.

Cat Alone

Jam results: People's Choice #20
Game page Itch page

Protect your home and jewelry from cunning thieves! Set traps for them, collecting resources in the house, and enjoy watching them suffer. The goal is to prevent thieves from taking all the treasures from the house and also to drive all the thieves o...

The Legendary recipe

Jam results: Artstyle #24
Game page

A game about not very capable cook in terms of taste, but very capable in terms of use her dishes in different ways. She with her magic companion embark on a journey to find the Legendary recipe because thats indeed how you`ll become a master chef, n...

Clownery Adventure: EXTREME BBQ

Game page

Nature. Blue sky. A light breeze. Circus tent. The clown decided to have a snack with a hot dog, but suddenly the sausage gained consciousness, got scared and ran away to the tent. The clown was shocked as well and ran for a sausage with a flamethrow...

Epic NPC Club

Game page Itch page

​In this hilarious game inspired by the popular web series Epic NPC Man, you play as Greg, a friendly but insecure NPC who wants to become a comedian. Greg has a big stand up show at night, where he hopes to prove his friends Bodger and Baradum that ...

Nightmare laugh

Game page

Once the main character had a dream, a wonderful dream, it was his paradise. But it did not last long, because HE appeared. HE devoured his mind, his thoughts, his dreams. The main character was never happy again. Only medicine helped his mind. But s...

Make me laugh

Game page

Game with multiplayer about making funny sentences of words suggested by AI. Create sentences, laugh, and enjoy with your friends!


Game page Itch page

LaugHELL is a vertical shoot em up bullet hell game. You are playing as Deu, who, for some reason, decided to gather a humor group... from the whole different world. (Time constraints and lack of developer's skill only made this game to have one stag...


Jam results: Potential #20
Game page

You are playing as WARRIORS OF ODIN, once upon a time, ODIN said that all PUNKS MUST DIE! So, you need to clear the earth from this virus. In your squad, you have: Olaf - warrior with a big axe who avoids enemy attacks using a dash. Abdul - big man ...

The Secret of Merry Kingdom: Saviors of Laughter

Game page

Puzzle game in which you have to play as three characters with unique abilities that are unlocked during the game

School Hooligan

Game page Itch page

The main character has to play dirty tricks at school. He is main person of his school and your goal to help him make as many dirty tricks as you can to make other students laugh.

Poop master

Jam results: Potential #25
Game page Itch page

POOP MASTER is a fun and dynamic game in which you need to use unusual weapons - cockeys! Your goal is to rush them into a raid man. It is a game that tests your fiction and strategy, and also adds fun due to your unusual plot. You will be surprised ...

Bakery of Terror

Game page Itch page

Glofather, comrade! 1984. The bakery. You. And the world where, regardless of their interests, views, and opinions, everyone must obey the Party's regime. The Department Of Strict Minds is all over the country, and Our Father is watching you, so do y...


Game page

Imagine you find yourself in a game world where every laughter can be the last. The world, passionate about a mysterious disease that makes people fun, even too much, but at the same time deadly. Everyone, even light laughter - can be the last you wi...

Snail: Return to the Bar

Jam results: People's Choice #1
Game page Itch page

We all know the old funny joke about the snail that walks into the bar... What if we interpret these events a little? Try to survive in this game as long as possible so that you are not kicked out of the bar...

Jester Tales

Game page Itch page

Game about jester who have to entertain the king

Lost in Fantasy

Game page

The main character enters a mysterious portal and enters another world where he needs to get to know the local residents and find a way home.

Don't make me cry

Game page Itch page

Have you ever wanted a browser walking simulator but with gameplay???? Your dream is here. An amazing and scary adventure can start with buying a beer. Let yourself know why you are here and figure out what to do to escape. Don't forget: If someon...

Make me laugh

Jam results: People's Choice #21
Game page Itch page

Create tablets called "Laugh" to make people happy in these dark times.

The rockest

Game page Itch page

You will feel mixed feelings of anger and laughter in this game.


Game page

You and your space partner are swimming in space surrounded by scattered memes. The task is to combine phrases with memes to collect coins. However, you manage only your half, and your friend - the other half. During the meteoric rain, you both need ...

Цирк і Коні

Game page Itch page

Playing about jokes and elections.

Laugh to Last

Game page Itch page

Welcome to the cheerful world of "Laugh to Last"! You control a vibrant character who thrives on laughter and fun, even in the toughest situations. Your hero wields a unique weapon - a cannon that shoots fluffy feathers. Your goal is to amuse enemies...

Make Me Laugh

Game page Itch page

There is a world: full of dark humor and it works in its own mysterious ways. That world has its own insane laws that eventually lead to the creation of TV show called Make Me Laugh. The host and judges of this show-dark humor masters and true maniac...

Dont make a sound

Game page Itch page

Try to escape by collecting all prizes and avoiding the "entertaining" broacast host. The game is a surreal irony on popular local TV shows with a low level humor as a core.


Game page

Congratulations, you have become an AI. You have a simple task: to learn. By following the narrator's instructions, you will reach the end point of your training and...

Весела лінгвістика

Game page

In short, the game is to supplement the jokes and for receiving points. There are four options (1 correct, 1 wrong and 2 neutral) and for each you get or lose points.

Tickle derby

Game page Itch page

Multiplayer game built around tickling you opponents.

anything but in the water

Game page

Exciting and perilous game where your goal is to reach the end without falling into the water. The game requires incredible agility, determination, and the ability to control your movements from the player.


Game page Itch page

You are drunk and you are deaf. Eat to to outwit these dastardly magic cauldrons with your JOKEY-BALLS before they crush you with their totally original HUMOR-SPHERES! * Gather melons to to produce humorous jests (and in compact spherical form)! * S...


Game page

You've successfully passed the chromosome test, and your chromosome level is so high that even your old friends can't keep up with you anymore, being a bit 'chromosomally challenged.The successful passage of the left test on Chromosomes haunts you in...

Midmoon guardian

Game page Itch page

A long-standing struggle will unfold on your screens. Guide the brave moon golem to save children's dreams. Your time is up when the full moon hides behind the horizon. And it's up to you to make sure the child gets his wish or wanders forever in Bar...

Samurai: Heroism and Idiocy

Game page Itch page

The adventures of a linden samurai who wants to return home to Japan, but because of a bird, he ended up in Korea right on top of a mountain...


Game page Itch page

Battle with Billi Bons and fat man

Кіт та наждачка

Game page

The game that the protagonist noticed how his cat rides on the ass.

Jester Match

Game page

Jester Match is an engaging memory game. It will not only challenge your mind but also deliver a funny joke upon winning

Comediant clicker

Game page

Clicker game. You click on a comedian on stage that tells jokes. Each click is a currency in this game. For this currency, you improve the characteristics of your character, that is, a comedian. The currency increases then and the visual embodiment c...


Game page Itch page

You is what you see


Game page Itch page

In an abstract world of complete laughter came a terrible sadness that completely changed this wonderful world, the inhabitants of the kingdom of Laughterland have been transformed into terrible creatures who know neither joy nor fun. The king entrus...

sans lazyness

Game page

sans try to stay lazy but his brother papyrus try to make sans to pick his socks, but sans fight to never let his brother to make him pick socks.

Sad princess

Game page Itch page

The king started a competition, the one who will be able to make the princess laugh will become new king. Our character does not wants to go on a battle with a dragon so he sees in that an awesome opportunity not to.

Robot cleaner

Game page Itch page

This is a game about a robot which main goal is to clean up rubbish and put everything in order. It is located in the lowest tier of the base, where the rubbish is incinerated and recycled.

Agent Tower Defense

Game page

My game world - is Agent Tower Defence. We have funny, creative characters from Skibidi Toilet. You can get a new Titan fighter to beat the hell out of your enemies.

Funny bard

Game page

In our game, player travels around the world collecting various interesting cards. The bard wanted fun and happiness in his country, so he set himself the task of cheering up everyone he could. By visiting different locations and finding cards, he am...

Weasley's Prank Potions Adventure

Game page

The game is a 2D platformer set in the magical world of Harry Potter. The player takes on the role of a young wizard or witch who, eager to prove their prankster skills, embarks on a quest to create mischievous potions in the Weasley brothers' prank ...